Beata Chrzanowska‘s works encompass what a tender dance between color and form would look like.

Highly realistic yet minimal, her painted figures naturally coexist among sharp spontaneous geometry. She illustrates the intoxicating feeling of a first kiss with her mixed-media paintings. Inspired by Art Deco, she frames her subjects’ faces in geometric patterns with bold color schemes. Within each piece, her imagery oscillates between flat and voluminous, calculated and spontaneous, and the narrative storyline gets lost in the decorative motifs that dominate her work.

Originally from Poland, Chrzanowska was raised in Chicago and is currently based in New York. In addition to her paintings, she has a portfolio of collages that share a similar interplay between figurative and abstract. Take a look at some of her recent paintings below.

“My approach starts with a photograph. After studying it I decide where I want the focus to be. Then I sketch the image out on canvas. I start applying a color I like in the moment onto a place that I feel strongest and most sure about. From that first color it’s like a landslide and every color afterwards is decided upon what colors are there already. It’s like building a puzzle or playing tetris, every color depends on the another. That being said I think a lot about composition.”—Beata Chrzanowska

She paints with feeling to create an intense, desirable, and euphoric mood.

The femme, her primary subject, dominates and inspires her work. The body becomes a series of shapes that come together as an intricate puzzle that requires an audience to put in place. The work deconstructs the beautiful and recomposes it with a new armor that resonates an indestructible landscape.

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