The conscience of LOVE – A talk given by Laurence Newey, Lucis Trust, at an open meeting entitled: Esoteric Perspectives on a Science of Consciousness.

The relationship between love and consciousness is a prime focus of the Alice Bailey teachings, and, in particular, the increasing radiation of love by those who are starting to transcend the strictly human state of awareness. At a specific point in evolution, radiation is an indication that the life essence within a particular form is starting to respond to the magnetic pull of a greater, more inclusive centre of energy.

In a nutshell, radiation is “ transmutation in process of accomplishment….the passage across from one state of being to another, through the agency of fire“. This is the way consciousness evolves, building forms, outgrowing them and then building afresh, and at certain critical points, passing from one kingdom to another.  Throughout the world at this time, we see the awakenings of love and countless lives dedicated to charitable causes. The rapidly growing number of non-governmental organisations, and the tentative but strengthening trend towards synthesis symbolised by the United Nations and socio-economic blocks such as the European Community are further signs. We surely find ourselves in exciting times as humanity begins to re-orientate itself towards a higher kingdom in nature while the vanguard prepare to pass through the initiations of fire that make transference possible. This will have tremendous repercussions for the whole of humanity and launch us into the so-called “New Age” of peace and spiritual progress that is becoming ever more widely anticipated.

We come to the call of the higher nature, and the potencies of the soul that precipitate into the personality through the “still small voice” of conscience.

The word `conscience’ comes from the same root as `consciousness’, the Latin word conscirecon, meaning `with, together’, and scire, meaning `know’. The Bloomsbury Dictionary of Word Origins interprets it as “to know something with oneself”. The derived noun conscientia added to this a distinction between right and wrong. Perhaps more simply though, we could split the word into its two composite syllables, con and science; thus, to act according to one’s conscience is to act with science. Conscience is therefore an awareness of inner knowledge or TRUTH. It is the registration of solar fire, and to act with science is to enter that fire and follow the path of truth as it spirals ever onward in the progression of good.

Conscience is a surge of energetic love that steadily aligns us with the soul, filling us with an irresistible urge to actively seek it out, to follow its call wherever it may lead. It leads, in fact, to the centre of the cross of discipleship where we find ourselves in a state of dynamic tension as energy from the soul streams down the vertical arm of the cross and outwards along the horizontal arm of service. We are becoming a channel for the systemic energies of love-wisdom; the conscience of love is felt flowing through us, touching the conscience of everything else, adjusting its rhythm and inducing a temporary state of harmony with the whole. Freedom is felt too, because to stand detached at the centre of the cross enables us to lift our eyes above the problems of the personality and to literally contact the energies of that which will be. Therefore we know that, despite the suffering of the world, a glorious future awaits humanity and our privilege is to participate in materialising it on earth. And when we know this beyond all doubt, we cannot help but feel free and joyful.

Joy is a simple and reliable barometer of invocative living. It springs from the spiritual tension that is created at the interface between invocation and evocation, giving and receiving, crisis and emergence – and to live joyfully is to live invocatively at the centre of the cross. Joy is an indication that we are becoming so identified with the soul of humanity, that the planetary conscience is flowing through us, inducing a state of tension in the environment and adjusting its vibration to harmonise with that of the inner, spiritual planes.

Love is the energy that ensures this correct relation. Through the power of its own commanding silence, it orchestrates the spiralling, musical relationship between the poles of spirit and matter, regarding every separated unit of consciousness that lies between them as instrumental to the symphony of the whole. As each of us awakens to the conscience of love, we take our place in this conducting force and the great Law of Love that governs God’s creation has full guidance over our lives. As we live in harmony with this law, we assume greater responsibility for extending its rule on the lower levels of manifestation and become co-creators with God in building the “new heavens and the new earth.”

The Conscience of Love is to live in accordance with an intuitive knowledge of the higher Laws of the Solar System.

The law of service is therefore the keynote of the spiritual life – the “spontaneous outflow of a loving heart and intelligent mind” distributes God’s love to all. The higher conscience is awakening and is no longer just the voice of caution that alerts us to wrong action. It is something much greater, extending our consciousness to envelope the whole and enabling us to act in harmony with our own soul as well as the soul of all. As this solar system is based on love, all that is contained within it is love by degree and the more conscious something is the more love it is expressing. And so, through the joy of service and the radiant heart, we are helping to expand the consciousness of the whole through the energy of love. This is not a vague mystical love though. For as we saw, conscience can be interpreted as `with science’, and to live one’s life with the conscience of love is to live in accordance with `an intuitive knowledge of the higher laws of the solar system’. It is to work as the white occultist and wield those powers through love that can help humanity take the next step towards its glorious future. From our participation in today’s event, we will have constructed a thoughtform of beauty and power to facilitate and empower this process – one that each of us can tune into from time to time, and help to meditate into existence.

Artwork by Android Jones.

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