Berlin-based artist Alexander Gellner created the animation One Minute Puberty recently as part of his graduation project from HTW Berlin. The school didn’t have an animation department, but Gellner tells me they allowed him to make this film provided he didn’t ask his professors how to animate. The results, created over the span of seven weeks, speak for themselves. Such a great short film!

I loved every moment of Gellner’s energetic piece, which is actually One Minute and Forty One Seconds Puberty,though understandably that title isn’t as catchy.There’s nothing inherently original about showing the phases of puberty, but Gellner’s approach distinguishes the film.

Animation - One Minute Puberty by Alexander Gellner

Animation – One Minute Puberty by Alexander Gellner

The metamorphic state of the character and rapid-fire scenes visually reflect the raging hormones that characterize this stage of our development and the inherent confusion of trying to sort out all the changes in a person’s body and mind.

written & animated by Alexander Gellner / track and sound design Niklas a Kröger / poem by Johannesson James Maratown

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