It turns out that you can easily get rid of your serious blues. You just need to get your hands a little dirty.

Soil microbes have been proven to have similar effects on the brain as any antidepressant drug you might use. The good news is that this option is totally without side effects or chemical dependency potential. In a world of technology evolution and constant discoveries, sometimes we need to take a break. If we look back in our ancestors’ rituals , we will find the natural remedies that surround us.

Since the untold centuries, nature has provided us with cures for almost any physical or emotional illness. Ancient healers and shamans always returned to nature for medicinal plants and practices, even though, in their lack of scientific knowledge, they did not know exactly why the cures worked.

Back to the present time, modern scientists unraveled  that many of the ancient  knowledge of natural remedies have real use in everyday life. Therefore, they established that soil microbes have a positive influence on our state of mind.  Mycobacterium vaccae is a substance that can be found in the common dirt and it works like a natural antidepressant. It has a mirror effect on our
neurons just like drugs such as Prozac provide. The bacterium can stimulate the serotonin production, substance that makes you happy and relaxed. Lack of serotonin is linked to depression, anxiety and even bipolar disorder.

By sticking your hands into the common dirt, you can fight stress and improve your quality of life. But the best news is that it is free, natural and has no adverse side effects. On top of that, this little bacterium has been found to improve cognitive function and possibly treat other diseases. Feel free to ask any passionate gardener, they will tell you that their landscape is like a happy place. And even the physical act of gardening is a stress reducer activity.

soil microbes

These antidepressant soil microbes from the soil cause cytokine level to rise.

This means that the level of serotonin rises and we all know that our minds can control the state of our body. By having a positive thinking and a clear mind, your body can heal itself. Moreover, the immune system will grow stronger.

But how does this work? First of all, the bacteria can be inhaled while you get dirty in the soil, or can get into the bloodstream where there is a minor cut. The natural effect can last up to 3 weeks, as scientists experimented on rats, after injecting the Mycobacterium vaccae. Although you can say that just being in nature is already therapeutic, actively connecting to the natural environment through gardening is most beneficial. This simple activity can be a meditative practice, a physical exercise, it is fun and it allows us to connect with life itself on a fundamental level.

Therefore, getting a little dirty can be both fun and healthy. Nature proves to be a constant cure for many of our everyday  problems and health issues. And remember, a balanced mind can only lead to a healthy body!

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