Anyone that has struggled to open a bottle of wine will appreciate this bottle opener machine that is truly a work of art.

The bottle opener machine is simple to operate yet highly effective at getting the corkscrew out of the bottle. It takes the process one step further though as it also pours you a glass of wine. The only drawback that I can see to this wonderful machine is it will be a little difficult to get it into the picnic basket.

Originally constructed in 2008, the Corkscrew as it’s called, was inspired by the drawings of Rube Goldberg. Known for his crazy contraptions, his artwork served as the starting point for Higgs. First experimenting on small table top mechanical models, Higgs decided to go bigger to express his artistic vision and began assembling the parts he would need. As mentioned above, some of the metal pieces he collected date back to the age of Queen Elizabeth I, making it not only priceless in the sheer genius that it displays but also in the individual parts that make up the sum of the machine.

Operated using a simple hand crank, the machine is able to lower itself gently onto a corked wine bottle, insert a corkscrew then slowly remove the stopper without spilling. While this in itself is very impressive, after the cork is removed the machine then can actually pour you a glass of the tasty liquid as well as any waiter or sommelier!

Unfortunately the Corkscrew isn’t for sale, as you probably already guessed. There was hope once that an outside company would make 100 of the machines for a limited sale run, but there’s no word on what happened to those plans. Even if Higgs decided to sell his piece of mechanical art, the amount of time and energy he put into it would put the price range well out of reach of the everyday consumer. Thanks to the internet though, we can watch it work over and over again and marvel at the ingenuity of Higgs and his machine.

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