“The thought is the strongest force in the Universe. The mind can be a healing tool.”

In his book, The Intelligence of Matter, Dumitru Constantin Dulcan states that a brilliant mind can create an energetic field of light among ourselves and we are in control when it comes to defining our reality. As to the many studies of quantum physics, we learned that our own mind is actually transforming the surrounding energy waves into particles of matter. Therefore, thinking can be considered as a generator that transmutes the unseen into palpable.  

If you think of it, every cell in this universe is alive. It has an intelligence and a collective consciousness. It grows, it reacts, it’s defending when it feels threat. An interesting experiment revealed that if you take a sample of human DNA from a subject and store it a mile away, it will react according to the subject’s emotional state. When the human subject was shown a horror movie, the DNA tightened. But when the scenery changed to a more joyful and happy one, the DNA spirals began to relax.  

So DNA actually responds to good and bad. All the cells in our bodies react differently when we are faced to emotions. This fact only demonstrates that the brain actually dictates the biochemical mechanism and functions of the body.

Consequently, a healthy lifestyle begins from the mind. If you are oriented to good and positive things in your life, the body will respond. Some scientists state that 5 minutes of anger will lead to 5 hours of defenseless body. 

How is this possible? Stress, depression, fear, anger, hate, envy. All of these states of mind will favor the release of acid pH in the body, which makes it vulnerable in front of the diseases. Hence, any emotional imbalance would lead eventually to sickness.

But how to protect ourselves from negative emotions, thus from inducing the disease in our own bodies?

Of course, the answer would be to stay calm, relax, forgive. Easy to say, but how hard it is actually to put in practice? The closest solution to all our problems is even closer that you might think. Just breathe, calm the brain, bring back the peaceful thoughts, let the pH in your body to become alkaline again.

If you focus and become aware of the effect of the thought upon the body, you will save all the cells from suffering and stress. A correct breathing not only helps you relax, but it slows the heart rate, it oxygenates the brain. Threfore,  it brings equilibrium in your mind.

Some practices reveal that if you breathe and focus on a particular pain in your body, you can surpass that pain without any medication. We call it healing meditation and it consists in visualizing in your mind the cause of your illness. Like any other meditation practice, you need to breathe correctly and bring balance into your body, rediscover peace of mind and eliminate any stress or negative factor surrounding you. And this will lead to healing.

Let’s think about the Placebo effect!

The brain can convince the body that a “fake” treatment will work, therefore it will stimulate the healing and be as effective as a “real” and traditional treatment. Professor Ted Kaptchuk, whose research focuses on the placebo effect, states that there is more that positive thinking. It is about the strong connection between your mind and your body and how they work together. Of course, there are no studies proving that your brain can help your body from healing from a serious or chronic disease.

However, this is only the first step towards a healthy lifestyle. But once you have a clear mind and positive thinking, you are able to overcome any kind of threat, either physical or emotional. Of course, you also need to have a healthy eating habit and as much physical exercise as you can. A good sleep also helps a lot!

Combine all these key ingredients and restore equilibrium! Your lifestyle will improve and you will be more healthy and happy.

Talk about it!