New Year, new you, a better YOU! 

Here’s a challenge for your new year resolutions: be a more positive, cheerful and happy person, be a better YOU!

Everyday we overcome challenges, we face difficult situations and we struggle to find the inner peace and tranquility. But if you choose to be positive all the way, your life will turn around and you will find a better version of yourself.

Of course, it is not an easy task. Sometimes life gives you more lemons that you can handle for a lemonade, but here are 10 steps to guide you through this journey.

  1. Repeat affirmations daily until they sink in and resonate within every cell in your body

Even though it might sound weird at first, you will overcome this feeling and notice how these affirmations will become truths! If you look in the mirror and say to yourself that you are healthy, happy, energized and peaceful, you will actually attract this positivity and abundance in your life. In addition, your heart will be filled with love and good vibes.

  1. Use visualizations to get a clear image of what you want

Most of all, daydreaming can be a very productive activity. When you imagine things and really visualize them coming true, you will produce a positive energy field around you. When you think of something and truly believe in that thought, nothing can stop in your way in materializing that wish.

  1. Build a vision board and place it somewhere you can see it daily

Write in capitals “THANK YOU!”, “LOVE”, “HAPPINESS”, “GOOD VIBES” and induce that positive state of mind at each moment of the day. As a result, things will be seem much better and you will feel much happier, thankful and zen.

  1. Practice gratitude and be thankful for everything coming your way

When you notice and appreciate the positive things in your life, you become more aware of every situation. Practicing gratitude each day allows you to participate more in life and be more present in any situation. You will find that this exercise will give more meaning to your existence and you will be happier.

  1. Listen to more joyful music

Probably most of us are aware of the influence that music has on the brain. Music can be considered an experience that will induce your mind energy or calmness. When you are sad or blue, it is better to listen to something inspiring and joyful to change your state of mind.

  1. Read motivational books

These books will make you feel empowered and excited about personal growth and will encourage you to take the big steps towards being a better person.

  1. Surround yourself with inspiring quotes

If you give away good vibes, the good vibes will return. Same thing with the inspiration.

  1. Make sure you associate with people who lift you up

Find the right people to share your life and experience with. If you make an effort to choose only those friends that are positive and uplifting, you will notice an improvement in your state state of mind, you will feel happier and more peaceful.

  1. Practice meditation

Mediation will bring you peace and you will feel more conscious and aware. This practice will help you survive your everyday chaotic life. You will go to sleep more peaceful and wake up with a better mood.

  1. Smile

Share your smiles to the people around you and feel the positive energy from the ones receiving your smiles. This will really make a better world for you and will make you happier, along with anyone surrounding you!

Therefore, do as much as you can every day to become a better and more positive you. Take notice of all the beautiful things around you, as opposed to being blinded by the chaos in your life. You’ll be amazed at the positive feelings you will experience in your mind and body. The more intentional you are about thinking positively, despite the negativity you face, the more you will experience life in its true light. And thanks to you, the world will also be a better place because of your positive attitude and energy.

Talk about it!