Recently we have witnessed history in the making and celebrated the success of Falcon Heavy launch. As an illustration, Alborz Design paid tribute to this event by rendering beautiful 3D animations of the most powerful rocket emerging.

On the 6th of February 2018, at 3:45 p.m. EST (20:45 UTC),  SpaceX successfully sent the world’s most powerful rocket into space. Moreover, Falcon Heavy managed to come back down to Earth.  Each of the three stages landed in different places and are ready to be re-used. Eventually, there is hope that a version of the same rocket can be used to carry humans to the moon, and perhaps even to Mars.

Alborz Design,  UI and motion graphics designer brilliantly recreated the stages of this event in black and gold animations, which can be found on it’s Instagram account.  Furthermore, you can find bellow this amazing work and don’t forget to check up the website!

The Falcon heavy launch.


Falcon Heavy on its way to orbit around the sun.


The side boosters separate and start their fly-back burn. The stage 1 separation happens next. 


After booster separation and the flip maneuver, the boosters each do an entry burns followed by vertical landing at LZ-1 and LZ-2. 


After leaving earth’s atmosphere, first stage separation happens followed by a flip maneuver with cold gas thrusters. Afterwards, it starts a boost back burn to bring its trajectory to the drone ship and prepare for landing.


As a final point, a parody representing the state one that did not make it to the drone ship.

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