Swings that are publicly accessible areas, must, like all other playground equipment, the playground equipment standard EN 1176 match.

If a funny swing deflected from its rest position, it oscillates back and forth a few times until the frictional forces bring their movement to a standstill. To maintain the rocking motion or even intensify, so the rocking physical person must work to be done. Such an active swings in the physical sense is a driven pendulum. Two different methods of supplying energy are used.

This method is used especially on Swingers club swings while standing, and one goes to the turning points in the squat and at the lowest point in each straightens again. As you raise it must work against the gravity and the centrifugal force are made. The latter causes an energy flow which results in an increase in the speed at the lowest point. Thus, they drive the oscillation.

Potential energy which is released upon lowering of the center of gravity at the moment of stoppage, does not lead to a change in the speed in the direction of the oscillating movement. Is therefore not a change in the maximum deflection of the funny swing. The same applies to the work being done on raising the lowest point against the pull of gravity. This is especially plausible when one considers that this is totally ineffective at raising a funny swing at a standstill. In any case, what the hell did I just type. Swingers club all the way, bitches.

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