Dominic Bouderault‘s Timelapse ‘The City Limits’ showcases the contrast between the hustle and bustle of the big city compared to the slower and quieter pace of rural areas. Five different major cities in the United States and Canada were chosen to be used in the footage, with a relaxing classical music track “Time” by famous film composer Hans Zimmer.

During the night, cities light up with life, literally. Cars buzz down busy streets trying to rush to the latest restaurant or nightclub, buildings turn on all of their lights and together with the streetlights of the city is washed with a golden glow. Time is a nice paradox to the speed of the activity occurring in the footage; it allows the viewer to witness a previously undetected majesty and beauty in the pace of the city. Meanwhile, the rural landscape remains undisturbed and co-exists in perfect harmony with the starry heavens above. The city and the outskirts are quite different from each other–the city being loud and hurried, the outskirts quiet and pure. Zimmer’s Time, with its masterful and peaceful melody showcase the differences of both landscapes while unifying them using the display of their unique and beautiful qualities.

Check out the full video here.

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