God never granted us wings, so we had to build them ourselves. Fly on, Jetman! Soar into the sunset like a beautiful futuristic animal!

Swiss ex fighter pilot, Guinness Book record holder and first man to fly with a jet-propelled wing, Yves Rossy A.K.A. Jetman is back in the sky pushing the boundaries of aviation by completing a sensational formation flight with Aerobatics Champion Veres Zoltán in Dubai!

Jetman Dubai, in partnership with XDubai, has just opened the door on the realms of possibility and the best is yet to come.

The idea of flying a wing strapped to his back began in 1993. The first step was to simply glide. To start, he strapped on a custom built inflatable wing and learned how to glide. Once he had the basics of that figured out, he built a rigid carbon fiber, kevlar reinforced wing and added a pair of tiny jet engines. That was the breakthrough that allowed him to make level flight.

“It was totally crazy,” he says of that first powered flight. After so many glide flights, the first time he flew straight and true without descending was like having someone pulling a giant handle on his back he says, “I can remember it very well, because it was so not normal.”

His wing has evolved over the years. He’s built more than a dozen and has destroyed a few. Though in an emergency, he can drop away from it during flight, and the wing has its own parachute. What a dude!

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