Meet Zeus, a blind Western Screech Owl with some pretty incredible eyes! Zeus was found injured in Southern California after it flew into the wall of a house and hit its head.
After a quick vet visit and a clean bill of health, the owl has found a permanent home at the Wildlife Learning Center in Symlar, California.
Zeus was named after the Greek god of the sky and thunder due to his dazzling, star-like eyes. Sadly, there is no rehabilitation program for a blind owl. He would not be able to survive alone in the wild, so he typically spends his time on sitting on a perch on Paul Hahn’s desk.

Aside from being adorable, there is another feature of Zeus that is noteworthy: his eyes look like a reflection of the night sky. Even though Zeus’ eyes don’t work, they appear to contain the secrets of the universe, resembling a vast constellation of stars.

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