The alchemist keyboard was originally designed for a pharmacist and is themed around Apothecarial and Alchemical icons including the Bowl of Hygeia, the Caduceus, and the Eye of Ra (from which the modern “Rx” symbol used by pharmacists is derived).

The side lighting is wired into the scroll lock LED and turns on with a press of the scroll lock key. It is a USB keyboard, but because the lighting is hooked into the scroll lock function, this keyboard is designed for a PC, not a Mac. You can buy one yourself from here.

As is the case with many companies, Datamancer started in a small garage in New Jersey. As someone who grew up using a utilitarian gray plastic computer set up, Richard “Doc” Nagy envisioned something a lot more beautiful. The idea was to build a full computer station from every significant artistic decade in history. From Art Deco, to Victorian, and even back to Gothic design. It started with a Victorian style brass keyboard made by Jake Von Slatt with collaboration from Richard, which pioneered the idea of typewriter key caps on a modern keyboard.

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