The excitement of embracing your baby for the first time is unique. Especially if you’re a blind pregnant woman.

For her it was even more special. This is the true story of Tatiana, who is #CountingTheDays to embrace the little Murilo. Huggies is a brand concerned about every moment between a mother and a son, including one of the most important: the first time they meet. The heartwarming mix of technology and love is part of a larger campaign by Huggies Brasil providing other mothers with the same opportunity.

Blind pregnant woman

The happy blind pregnant woman being scanned

Before arriving for the ultrasound, Tatiana is shown in a baby-ready nursery, complete with crib, teddy bears and blankets in blue.

Her voice-over describes everything she hopes for her son to experience, such as the ocean, where he could ‘feel the little grains of sand between his toes’ and ‘the fresh breeze on his face’. During the ultrasound, an already-emotional Tatiana describes how she imagines her son to appear, describing the image of him in her mind as having a nose ‘like a little potato’ and a small mouth. 15 minutes later, the ultrasound has been sent to the 3D printing mobile station and physically realized in a sculpture, showing the unborn baby’s face and arms.

Talk about it!