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Super-Kamiokande, a neutrino detector in Japan, holds 50,000 tons of ultrapure water surrounded by light tubes

February 1st, 2015|

Super-Kamiokande is a 50,000 ton ring-imaging water Cerenkov detector located at a depth of 2700 meters water equivalent in the Kamioka Mozumi mine in Japan. It is used mostly for the search for proton decay (nucleon decay in general), observation of neutrinos (solar, atmospheric, from super-nova, …) and cosmic rays (mostly muons: downward going muons […]

Drone footage revealing the ruins of Chernobyl

January 20th, 2015|

British filmmaker Danny Cooke flew a drone around the ghost town of Pripyat, the northern Ukrainian city built by the Soviets to house people working at the nearby Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

The result is a footage that reveals an apocalyptic scenery, a disturbing environment where time has stopped and the sound of the disaster is […]

Perfect cubes of pyrite formed naturally.

January 17th, 2015|

An iron sulfide mineral, Pyrite is commonly found around the world in a variety of geological formations, from sedimentary deposits to hydrothermal veins, and as a constituent of metamorphic rocks. It forms in masses, stalactites, grains, globes, striated cubes or twelve-sided pentagonal dodecahedral crystals. It also forms as flat, radial disks called “suns” or “dollars.” […]

A field turns from orange to green as harvesters pick marigold flowers in Los Mochis, Mexico, 1967.

January 16th, 2015|

It’s like they are all filling in a bar graph of their relative productivity.

The Disappearing Sea – a landlocked body of water which straddles the Central Asian countries of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

December 30th, 2014|

Over one hundred ships are mysteriously abandoned in this desert in central Asia. You rub your eyes, but it’s not an optical illusion; no water as far as the eye can see. This desert is like any other, aside from the empty landlocked fishing ports, rusted ships frozen in sand, and former island with abandoned […]

Slow motion gif of water being poured into a pot of hot grease

December 29th, 2014|

What if we could do the ice bucket challenge AND light ourselves on fire at the same time?

Prototype – Forget what you know about disability.

December 28th, 2014|

Channel 4 introduces Viktoria Modesta, the world’s first amputee pop artist. Make sure you stick around for the amazing spike dance at the end.

Created by 4creative, directed by Saam Farahmand.

Amazing resonance experiment

December 27th, 2014|

Certain frequencies vibrate the metal plate in such a way that it creates areas where there is no vibration. The sand “falls” into those areas, creating beautiful geometric patterns. As the frequency increases in pitch the patterns become more complex.

Dead prisoners’ tattoos preserved in formaldehyde

December 27th, 2014|

One lost drunken bet in 1915 = unexpectedly commemorated for all time.

Exceptional talent from an ordinary driver who made the drive extra-ordinary.

December 26th, 2014|

This indigenous technique replaced the ramp, crane, excavator or any other known mechanism to load/unload the JCB.