Before the First Animated Gif, Joseph Plateau Set Images in Motion with the Phenakistoscope

April 2nd, 2015|

Belgian physicist Joseph Plateau unveiled an invention called the Phenakistoscope, a device that is largely considered to be the first mechanism for true animation. The simple gadget relied on the persistence of vision principle to display the illusion of images in motion.

He was the first person to demonstrate the illusion of a moving image. To […]

Asphyxia: A Striking Fusion of Dance and Motion Capture Technology

March 9th, 2015|

as·phyx·i·a is a collaborative effort and experimental film created by Maria Takeuchi with Frederico Phillips and performed by Shiho Tanaka. The project is an effort to explore new ways to use and/or combine technologies and different fields in an experiment without many of the common commercial limitations. The performance is centered in an eloquent choreography that stresses the desire to […]

There’s a man in the woods

December 21st, 2014|

This animation is such a great example of REALLY GOOD WRITING for the short film format.

Western Spaghetti by PES

December 20th, 2014|

Western Spaghetti | Written and Directed by PES | *2009 Sundance Film Festival Winner *TIME Magazine voted #2 Viral Video of the Year *2009 Audience Award, Annecy Animation Festival

One student’s daydream comes vividly to life during Biology class, in this Best Animation Winner from SXSW 2012

December 19th, 2014|

Remember in high school when you spent hours perfecting your flip b0ok skills? In (Notes on) Biology, winner of Best Animation at this year’s  SXSW festival, we follow a student, Mr. Ellis, who zones out during a dull Biology class and escapes into his own imagination. Etoecology what? Who cares! Using the very pages of his Biology […]

One Minute Puberty

December 17th, 2014|

written & animated by Alexander Gellner

track and sound design Niklas a Kröger

poem by Johannesson James Maratown

Parallel Parking

December 17th, 2014|

The guys at Yum Yum London play with character design, and tell stories through animation, illustration and toys.

Dot. The world’s smallest stop-motion animation character shot on a Nokia N8

December 16th, 2014|

Professor Fletcher’s invention of the CellScope, which is a Nokia device with a microscope attachment, was the inspiration for a teeny-tiny film created by Sumo Science at Aardman. It stars a 9mm girl called Dot as she struggles through a microscopic world. All the minuscule detail was shot using CellScope technology and a Nokia N8, […]

Death Buy Lemonade

December 15th, 2014|