Graffiti grandparents in Portugal

February 15th, 2017|

Meet Portugal’s oldest graffiti posse: a diverse clan of retirees, virally known as Graffiti grandparents.
These are the members of Lata 65, a WOOL Fest arts education group for seniors founded by Lara Rodrigues. For the past few years, Rodrigues has been dedicated to breaking down ageist stereotypes and cultural perceptions through her senior-focused theory seminars and two-day workshops.
In […]

Birdman performing on the streets of Lisbon, Portugal

December 16th, 2014|

Claudio Montuori is a street performer also known as “Birdman”. You can usually find him around Lisbon, playing his crazy bird tunes, having fun, sharing smiles and being a great guy altogether.

The city center of Lisbon is quite the daily hustle and bustle of locals and tourists. As people begin to leave their respective workplaces it […]